About Marta

Born in Madrid, Spain, moved to Denmark in 2007 and lived in Copenhagen ever since. My life situation has given me the privilege to perfectly build a bridge between the Scandinavian and the Spanish lifestyle, work, and mindset. A Scandinavian mind with a Spanish heart. The understanding of what is expected from both sides brought me to the idea of building my company VitaMarbella. I fell in love with Marbella 30 years ago. My expertise in the area and deep knowledge of the real estate market make me the ideal person to represent you in this exciting search. I am a perfectionist, which includes passion in my job. I have worked for more than ten years in communications and another ten years as a project manager. Now, VitaMarbella is my dream come true!

There are no limits to dreams.

I proudly succeed in finding the perfect homes for my gratified clients. I have also managed several house/office interior design renovations. Because details matter, I will gladly accompany you as far as you need me to achieve your dream house. I am the soul of VitaMarbella and I believe that loving what you do, is the secret ingredient to success and happiness.