The Process

Our relationship begins with a personal meeting, to explore your needs and expectations. From there, I represent you, allowing you to remain anonymous in the process. You will receive periodically updated presentations of the properties with proper and relevant information which will help your final decision. My mission is to make this journey as comfortable and simple for you as possible, therefore VitaMarbella always provides you with:

  • Direct communication 24/7
  • Up to date research to be ahead of the Spanish house market
  • Visiting the properties for you and including personalized notes and reports
  • Accompanying you on second visits protecting your identity
  • Pictures & videos of the properties exclusively taken for you, for a more realistic overview.
  • Reports of the history of each property

In Spain, the vendor pays the commission, so our relationship will be based on an agreement of mutual trust. You cannot buy trust, that’s why I don’t have a management fee. My only request is an agreement with your permission to represent you exclusively in the search, needed to prevent misunderstandings during the process. It is important to understand and follow an action plan in this matter. There will be no extra cost for you and in return, I will manage the search and represent you with the different real estate and developers. My commission will be paid by the vendor when the purchase is complete.