Why VitaMarbella?

VitaMarbella is a new concept that will help you find the perfect house in the south of Spain. I am not a broker, I am a private agent and property advisor; ready to work exclusively for you in the exciting searching process for your new home, always with the care and attention needed to meet your expectations.

Finding the right house can be one of the most challenging, time-consuming, and demanding tasks, especially when doing so in a foreign country. There are between 5.000 and 9.000 registered real estate in Costa Del Sol, covered by more than 18.000 brokers. This makes it immensely difficult for the buyer to understand how the Spanish real estate market works, where to start, and who to trust. Therefore I am here to essentially be your “right hand” and help you with the search.

My top priority is to put in the dedication and hard work to find you the house that fits all your criteria. I will not stop the search until you are fully satisfied, no matter how long this might be. VitaMarbella is a Danish Company with a Spanish heart, that offers an innovative solution with a Professional Property Search Service, centralizing and organizing the search for you, without the limitation of commitment to one particular real estate.

Discretion is a must for our company.

I will represent you in the communication and visiting of the houses, preserving your identity until the purchase or until wished by you. Everything will be filtered by me and presented to you in a simple organized way. The selection of properties will always be according to your feedback, needs, and visions. I chose to only collaborate with the best-verified partners to achieve top results for my clients. Every search is different, which is why I only accept one project at a time. This way I can deliver the highest and best-personalized service. I believe this makes a difference. Integrity, mutual trust, and discretion are the pillars of my company.

I am ready to meet you, and start working to find you the perfect home.